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Why choose SlUMBERZONE?

The idea of a better night’s rest may seem as simple as counting sheep. But for the team at Slumberzone New Zealand, it’s a life-long passion. Owned and operated by Kiwis for Kiwis, Slumberzone has been tweaking, tinkering and perfecting its craft, all in a quest to provide the best night’s sleep possible specially our Luxury Beds for New Zealanders from the Cape to the Bluff. And we suspect a few have made it to Stewart Island! On the sidelines at the kids’ footie, over the frozen food section at the supermarket and at high school reunions, the Slumberzone specialists have been putting our friends and family to sleep for years.

Slumberzone mattresses are only made with the highest quality materials to ensure total comfort and support.


Slumberzone combines world class innovation, operations and design to create the highest quality products.


Slumberzone is committed to long term local manufacturing to meet the highest standards.


Sleep Guide

Find out all you need to know about choosing the right mattress,
beds for back care and how sleep impacts your general
health and wellbeing.



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How to select the right mattress for yourself?

Slumberzone has been tweaking, tinkering and perfecting its craft, all in a quest to provide the best night’s sleep possible.

Here is a video from the Slumberzone sleep research team explaining the art of bed selection.

So the next time you go mattress shopping - we hope this video helps you make the right choice. Feel free to contact us to understand more on sleep and mattress selection.

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