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The right bed choice helps reduce back pain, neck pain, and stress


Slumberzone only uses the latest technology, the latest manufacturing techniques and the best materials to ensure the most restful sleep possible


Slumberzone Beds Support you by ensuring you sleep better and wake up feeling revived


SlumberZone offers a huge range of high-quality, luxury mattresses that will suit your pocket and your budget


Slumberzone offers free advice so that you can choose the right bed for a better night’s sleep


Unsurpassed Technology Exclusive to Slumberzone

Slumberzone Bed - Techno 10 X PocketSpring System

Techno 10 X PocketSpring System

Tripedic Coil System Mattress NZ

Tripedic Coil System

Slumberzone Foam Mattress Has Intelliprings Coil System

Intelliprings Coil System

Slumberzone Bed Has Total Edge Support System

Total Edge Support System

Orthocool Gel & Cooltech Memory Foam Slumberzone Beds NZ

Orthocool Gel & Cooltech Memory Foam

Breathsoft Foam Mattress NZ Slumberzone

Breathsoft Foam

Purolax Natural Latex Mattress NZ

Purolax Natural Latex

“Oh bliss! We recently moved house and upgraded to a Backpro Queen. My wife and I both love firm beds and it’s actually hard to find a good quality firm mattress in New Zealand. For both of us, the Backpro is that bed.”

Mark Baker

Veritas Communications Limited

“I was very fortunate to win a Slumberzone Snoozer Plush and I have to say I am having the best sleep ever. You don’t realise how uncomfortable your old bed was until you have a new one. The plush topper feels very luxurious and supportive which I find has reduced my back pain and given me an improved sleep. The bed also feels warmer retaining my body heat. The mattress is supportive and contours to my body so you feel very comfortable and warm. I would thoroughly recommend the Snoozer Plush and enjoy going to bed now because I know I am going to have a great sleep and wake up pain free.”

David Mcgee

Facebook Promotion Winner