A guide to help you choose between King size mattress and Queen size mattress.

We live in a world full of choices. Most decisions can be made easy by our generic needs. If you want a better Camera in your phone you might buy an IPhone, but if you want better software compatibility, you might go for an Android device. The choices today aren’t limited to different products but also between different size options of the same product. A large phone has wider screens but can be painful to carry around. A small one is easy to carry but harder to type on. But we aren’t here to talk about phones. We are here to talk about the dilemma of King and Queen size Mattress.


Buying a bed is a long-term investment, an investment for much-needed rest and sleep periods that your mind and body need to give your days a jump-start. There are two factors that can make this decision quite critical.

  1. A bed that’s too small

Although there could be many reasons that can lead you to buy a small mattress, buying a mattress that’s too small could lead to long-term inconveniences. Making sure that you have space that’s big enough to fit in all your furniture is important, but what’s more important is making sure that the space you (and your partner) need for a seamless downtime is a consideration that must take priority. A bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom and if there are less essential things you can move out of your bedroom to make more space for a bigger bed then you must do so.

  1. A bed that’s too big

Are you looking for a bed for your smaller guest rooms? Are there well-established personal space limits between you and your partner that aren’t too large in size? You don’t own pets that like to hop on the bed early mornings and cuddle? There are options that allow you to optimally cut down on sleeping space while still providing you the comfort that your body is used to and at the same time save you the precious space you need in your room for other essential objects and activities.

Slumberzone keeps these considerations in mind and offers beds in these size variations:

  • QUEEN- 152cm x 202cm
  • KING – 167cm x 202cm
  • SUPER KING – 180cm x 202cm

Here is a comparison table of Slumberzone King and Queen size beds:

  King Queen
Size Length: 202 cm

Width: 167 cm


The length of a king size bed is the same as that of a queen size bed. king size beds are 15 inches wider than queen and provide couples larger personal spaces

Length: 202 cm

Width: 152 cm


Personal space 83.5 cm per person 76 cm per person
Price Since King beds are larger they cost slightly more. A queen bed in the same product range will cost less because of the smaller size and less material used to manufacture it
Benefits and usage ·         Good for master bedrooms

·         Good for people with larger bodies

·         Good for couples that need larger personal space

·         More comfort and space for moving around in your sleep

·         Good for guest rooms

·         Acceptable for people with small body types

·         Consume less space in smaller bedrooms, providing more space for furniture and activities

·         Slightly more affordable

Here are some of the options to consider while looking for King and Queen size beds:-

Slumberzone are committed to creating luxurious beds and mattresses that every-day Kiwis can afford and all our beds come with a warranty of 5 to 10 years. They come in three different sizes, including King and Queen. Here is the product range:

Tencho 10 X Range®

Tripedic Range®

Intelliprings Range®

Airtech Range®

Physiopedic Range®

Posture Pro Range®

Traditional Range®

Comercial Range®

Hope this post gives you valuable information on bed sizes and helps you make the right bed purchase decision.


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