Is Queen Size Mattress the most popular size ?

Queen Size bed is  153cm x 203 cm. A queen size mattress is a good fit for a couple and is easier on the pocket vs other king size and super king size beds. There is enough space on both sides making it an optimized bed selection particularly if you have as average living space area and are a small family.  15 cms more width and height than a double mattress – the queen size mattress is just the right size for a couple who prefer to be close yet not disturb each other in their sleep.

While bed size selection is a personal choice but factors like

  • Budget
  • Living Space Area
  • Family members
  • Do you spend most of the time in your bed room or lounge
  • Do you watch TV in your bedroom

Would have an effect on the right selection. A queen size mattress is 15cms larger than a double mattress making it comfortable for a couple to sleep with enough space on both sides. While King size and Super king are becoming popular particularly when you talk about the word luxury, Queen Size Mattresses and Beds still are the preferred choice in New Zealand and Australia. If your kids join you in the morning for the morning snooze or you have pets who like to snuggle with you – King size or Super King size is a recommended bed size.

It is believed the Queen Mattress was designed for Queen Elizabeth 1. Although commercially queen size beds became popular after 1950. Post the World War – the bedroom sizes started becoming bigger and more conducive towards Queen Size beds vs double beds. Before the War – Double Size Mattress was the most popular and common choice.

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