Art of Mattress Selection 101:

Like our other particular and peculiar tastes, a single mattress doesn’t suit us all. So,
while choosing your mattress, keep these things in mind:

1. Which side are you on?

  • Side Sleeper

  • Tummy Timer

Whichever side you feel comfortable falling on, matters a lot. We have a few tricks ‘rolled up’ our sleeves for everyone.

2. Finding that sweet spot!

  • Soft and Cuddly?

  • Firm and Supple?

We offer a wide range of layers which make different responsive mattresses for that perfect sweet spot.

3. Let’s talk about the weather.

  • Warm

  • Cool

Each individual has a preference based on varying temperatures. With a pretty clever material technology, we can keep you toastie, or cool!

4. Claim your space.

  • Sole Dreamer

  • Shared Sleeper

Sizes change with the pace of life. A smaller mattress for a bachelor or a large one for a family man, we create all kinds of customised spaces.

5. For the rare ones.

  • Soft for the skin




  • Pressure Equalising

We don’t show the rare to the world. We save it for you. SizesSensitive and hypoallergenic mattresses to help you breath easy. Ask our in-store advisors for more sensitive mattress options.

Find perfect sleep solution

Which mattress is best for me?

Art of Bed Selection

Who are you buying a mattress for?

  • Single

  • King Single

  • Double

  • Queen

  • King

  • CA King

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