Gel memory foam mattress, a step towards better sleep

We at Slumberzone always stress the importance of the best sleep quality for people of all age and different lifestyles. Poor sleep quality can impact your daily productivity at work, health and other areas of life that can lead to an overall low quality of your daily life. What can have a big impact on the quality of your sleep is the quality and type of the mattress or bed you sleep on. Thanks to modern mattress technology there are many products in the market that are targeted towards improving sleep quality to give you a soothing and comfortable downtime. One such technology is the new and revolutionary memory foam mattress.

Gel memory foam mattress or “gel-infused” memory foam mattress is a version of traditional memory foam with gel beads infused throughout the foam or in layers. Although at present this is most commonly found in pillows, this technology is rapidly being implemented in mattresses and mattress tops as well.  This gel-infused foam is soft and durable which may help improve the sleep quality that you have been lacking, leading to other benefits in health and daily life. The gel memory foam mattress provides the same durability of the traditional memory foam mattress while adding to the level and quality of comfort.

Benefits of a gel memory foam mattress

This new gel infused technology helps in reducing pressure on parts of your body that your current mattress might be impacting negatively, especially in the long run. The gel memory foam is also designed to let the extra heat coming from your body to escape because of the open cell structure. This gives your body a cooler and comfortable temperature at nights, which your current mattress might not be taking care of. It also reduces motion transmission, so that if one of the partners moves or leaves the bed at night, the other partner feels the minimum effect. Another advantage of the gel memory foam mattress is better spinal positioning. This, however, might not be guaranteed in cool nights or colder rooms as gel infused memory foams do not retain enough heat that is preferred for the perfect spinal positioning, but if your room temperature is well regulated, this should not be a problem.


This technology is also used for making more comfortable mattress toppers as well as pillows. Gel memory foam based mattress toppers and pillows can be placed on top of your current memory foam mattress to make your sleeping arrangement more comfortable. Memory foam pillows can also prove to be a great investment for people with neck specific pain. A Gel memory foam mattress topper can be a great inexpensive addition to your bed with substantial sleep benefits.

Gel memory foam mattress at Slumberzone

  • Slumberzone’s Hibrido comes with Orthocool Gel® memory foam,natural latex, and soft touch luxurious silk floss quilting finish with high quality knitted fabric and the “intellispring” spring system. We proudly offer this combined technology for many health and skin benefits to our customers. Apart from no body heat build up and minimal partner disturbance, Hibrido has a multiple zoned “Intellispring” coil system with more than 1500 counts of pocket springs which make for a sumptuous feel and a high quality touch of luxury.


  • The Back Supporter is another one of our gel memory foam beds. This is a truly supportive and pressure relieving luxurious mattress with silk blend upholstery, Orthocool gel memory foam, natural latex, and Slumberzone’s unique Techno10X 7 zone spring system. This bed provides benefits such as no body heat build up, luxurious medium soft feel, 7 degrees of posture support and minimal partner disturbance.

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Champions Luncheon | Auckland

Slumberzone was privileged to be part of “Champions Luncheon” – a fund raising event by Child Cancer Foundation with former “All Blacks” as a proud sponsor. A specially designed Slumberzone “TRY” bed with embroidered signatures of Kieran Read – Captain “All Blacks” went up for auction.

Slumberzone table was honored by the presence of Julie Coney – former Silver Fern and Actress as the celebrity guest and Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi – Honorable Member of Parliament as special Guest of Honour.


Simple Steps To Get Rid Of Back Pain

A stressful commute followed by long hours of work might be the foremost intriguing factor leading to sharp back pain that most of the office goers experience in New Zealand. Amidst many reasons that cause a backache, certain trigger pointers such as poor posture, bad diet, and excessive smoking can invariantly result in back pain.

While reasons due to physical and lifestyle measures may differ amongst individuals, the most commonly practiced 6 tips to win over back pain are:

1) The right pillow – Use a silk pillow for comfort and also to prevent wrinkles

2) Exercise – Stretching exercises for hands and legs.

3) Practice the right posture – Maintain an appropriate posture at work. Exercises identified with long term                                                                          on the seat can be maintained. Take a walk once in every half an hour.

4) Stomach – Do not rest your entire body on the stomach. It is advisable to sleep on the back

5) How to sleep well ? Best Mattress is the key – Choosing the right mattress can go an extra mile in avoiding                                                   backaches. The best mattress should provide staunch support for your back

6) Body weight and diet – Ensure you have a watch on the sort of diet and control your body weight likewise

Beat the back torment soul for the entire span of the day and here are some brisk ways of life adjustment that will spare you from an awful back agony day

  1. Morning after you wake up

Scenario: Sorts of stretches to do when you wake up


  • Club hands together and raise your hands towards the course of the rooftop. Keep up the same position for a check of 30 seconds
  • Do the neck and shoulder stretch by moving them towards the right first and gradually to left
  • Lie on the back and move the knees towards the mid portion of your body. Glide towards the left half of your body. Do it for a total of 6 times
  1. While you drive to the office

Scenario: Driving methods to diminish a backache


  • Sit up straight and the knees bowed over the hips. Keep the jaw pulled in while you drive
  • Think about putting as a little cushion at the back of your seat while you drive
  • In the event that you are driving for extended periods of time, change your seat positions to few inches front and back as needed
  1. While you are at your office work area

 Scenario:  Seating postures to prevent back pain.


  • Try not to hunch while you work. Keep up an admissible position of a15 cms separation from the screen
  • Seats can be uncertain. Request the office administration to furnish you with a decent seat to replace the old one
  • Getting up from the seat to either go to the restroom or do some shoulder rolls would improve the blood flow in the body

When you are encountering low back pain, your first tendency might be to creep into bed. Until a couple of decades earlier, your specialist most likely would have instructed you to do precisely that. Come as what may, the tide has turned on our understanding of what is best to tackle back agony, and now the agreement is this: When you have back pain, you tend to avoid the bed.

Myth 1: “Standard” cure for back pain

Truth – Spine therapists from various field of medicine, for example, Osteopathic prescription, physical pharmaceutical, and surgery would frequently differ with this perspective. As per them, every spinal pain issue whether it is the spinal tumor, break or irritation request diverse strategies and must be dealt with holding specific to the therapeutic details.

Myth 2: Heat & Massage help relieve back pain

Truth – Warmth and back rub treatments are helpful just for a restricted time frame. They reduce the pain but its not a long lasting effect.

Myth 3: A firm mattress is the best!

Truth –  Many people believe that sleeping on a stiff bed can decrease back pain. This is untrue. A medium-thickness sleeping mattress can alleviate backpain. The individuals who have utilized medium-firm bedding have thought that it was less demanding to get up in the morning.

Feeling troubled due to back pain? Slumberzone New Zealand has come with a unique solution. Slumberzone Luxury beds have 3 zone layer which provides a soft feel on the shoulders and feet. The middle layer supports your back and increases comfort for the head.`

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Sleep tips for Stomach Sleepers.

All Stomach sleepers have specific needs when it comes to choosing a  mattresses and sleeping on the right type mattress is very important  in order to get a good night’s sleep. Before you visit the next mattress sale you must read this blog.

Sleeping on your stomach side  is commonly associated with neck and back pain. The outcome simple: It’s is nearly impossible to keep maintaining alignment of spine when sleeping on your stomach. This can result in long lasting pain. This is typically common with certain memory foam and traditional spring mattresses that do not provide adequate firmness and support.

Why Does Stomach Sleeping Cause So Many Problems?

The bulk of your body weight rests around the midsection of your body. Sleeping on your stomach places additional strain on your back, because you’re unable to maintain a neutral spinal position while doing so.

Stomach Sleeping Solutions

One solution that appears to help, according to Mayo Clinic, is to sleep with a pillow beneath your pelvis and lower abdomen. If this doesn’t bring your instant relief, you should consider sleeping without a pillow, if you find it doesn’t cause you strain.

There is another remedy to keep in mind for all kinds of stomach sleepers. Invest in a quality natural latex mattress. Check out new mattress sale in New Zealand, Latex and Orthocool mattresses offer unsurpassed support and comfort, but it also delivers extraordinary resilience. Where other mattresses develop lumps, bumps, and indentations over time, natural latex mattresses bounce back to their original form, year after year.

What Should Stomach Sleepers Look For In A Mattress?

Stomach sleepers have specific needs when it comes to mattresses. If you are a stomach sleeper, look for these things, in your next mattress:

  • Support. This is the most important feature a mattress can provide for stomach sleepers. You should purchase a mattress that offers medium-firm support to help promote spinal alignment while you sleep.
  • Comfort. It doesn’t matter how much support your mattress provides if it’s so uncomfortable you can’t sleep on it. Look for a mattress that offers some element of cushioning comfort in addition to support.
  • Cost Effectiveness. For most people, buying decisions come down to price. However, when you consider the number of hours you spend in bed daily, it makes sense to consider your mattress an investment.
  • Materials. It’s also important to consider the materials in your mattress. Not only are some materials less resilient than others, and subject to lumps, bumps, and indentations as a result, but some mattresses on the market today are made with toxic ingredients including PBDEs, formaldehydes, glues, and other materials associated with health risks, headaches, off-gassing, harming the planet, and more. Choose wisely to avoid bringing these materials into your home.
  • Your Size. While your size may not be as crucial when it comes to the type of mattress you purchase, it can mean a great deal when it comes to the proper thickness of your new mattress. The more you weigh, the thicker you’ll want your mattress to be, so that it can continue to deliver exceptional support without compressing or breaking down. People weighing between 200 and 400 pounds should look for a mattress that is 10″ to 12″ thick. Those weighing more than 400 pounds, should look for a mattress that is 12″ thick and up.

These things will help you find the perfect mattress for your needs, as a stomach sleeper. There is another factor you should know about the mattress you’re considering as well. It’s the ILD number.

What Is ILD And What Does It Mean For Mattresses?

ILD is short for “impression (or indentation) load deflection.” When it comes to mattresses, ILD indicates the firmness or softness of a mattress.

If you sleep on your stomach, you need a mattress that provides a good support surface. However, many stomach sleepers also prefer some degree of comfort from their mattresses, too. So, you don’t want the firmest mattress. A medium-firm mattress is typically best for stomach sleepers.

Slumberzone Beds Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers

What’s the best choice for stomach sleepers? Slumberzone Mattresses. They offer the perfect combination of the support stomach sleepers need, along with a 100% natural latex comfort layer that provides exceptional cushioning comfort. This means you get the support you require, along with the comfort you crave in a mattress, allowing you to get your best night’s sleep, night after night.

Try it out today! Invest in great sleep and healthy future. You have nothing to lose





Every great day starts with a Good Night’s sleep to get the best out of everyday and live life to the full, but in this fast paced world that’s not easy as it sounds. Good sleep cycle is equally important as good diet regime.  Our body needs to relax and complete the sleep cycles to be in a position to perform better. You’re next day work flow really depends on the previous night sleep.

Why do you feel the fatigue even when you have invested in best beds and mattress?

We all know the importance and benefits of a Good Night sleep, but making sure you get one can be easier said than done. These DIY tips developed by Slumberzone beds in New Zealand shares some top tips on how to send you off to the land of great sleep as soon as possible.

Feel tired during the day? Follow our DIY guide to reducing exhaustion and improving your sleep routine. 

Keep your bedroom cool dark and well ventilated for the ideal sleeping environment. A supportive, comfortable mattress will keep your spine, relax your muscles and is vital to ensure you sleep soundly and wake up energized the next day.



Exercising for around 20-30 mins a day is not only good for the waistline and the heart, but is also proven to improve sleep quality. Even fast-paced walking helps. Just don’t exercise too close to bedtime. 

It sounds simple, but sleeping and walking at a similar time everyday will help your body’s internal clock adjust toa regular pattern and will aid a restful sleep at night. Throughout your lifetime this will keep you healthy and refreshed.


Getting as much natural light during the day as much as possible boosts melatonin production and helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Avoid unnatural from your television, computer and phone screens in the evening.



This reverse psychology can help. Challenge your body to stay awake and your mind will rebel and sleep will follow. Try keeping your eyes wide open and your body will eventually relax. Sleep usually comes when you don’t think about it.


Curl your toes for a few seconds and then let go. Move up the body, tensing and relaxing each muscle as you go: the leg and buttock muscles then the belly, arms, hands, shoulders and so on up to the face muscles, squeezing and relaxing one by one. This will help you relax and sleep faster.


This technique is really helpful for people who are finding it extremely hard to sleep.

Close your eyes and focus on your breath taking long breaths in and out. Try to make out breath deeper than the last, This mindfulness technique helps to centre you and take your mind off the day’s worries.

This yoga meditation creates a sense of calm.  This is a great DIY tip that you can practice at your sleep haven. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, drop your jaw, keep your mouth closed. Breathe in deeply, filling your abdomen; on the out breath feel a humming sound reverberate through your chest.

Time for a Refresh

When you feel really tired during the day, you aren’t at your best – and it really shows. As we all know that Good Sleep is essential for body and mind functionality during the day – creativity, motivation and even focus suffers when exhaustion is at its peak.

 Visualize your bedroom as your sleeping palace, your throne room for resting, which leads to healthy and rejuvenated life. This sleep palace needs to be your personal haven, and clutter free from things that interfere with sleep. Sleep routine is vital. Good sleep routine leads to better performance and healthy life. Make sure you get rid of all unwanted things or things that disturb you while sleeping. Make your sleep palace the best place for your to doze off.

Stay tuned to our blog page for more tips and diy hacks. We hope these tips will be useful in your daily sleep – work routine balance. Do let us know on our facebook page about these handy tips.

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Choosing the Right Mattress Size and Dimension

It is really important research as much as you can about mattress sizes and their dimensions, so that you can better understand what kind of mattress will work best in your bedroom or any other space where you will be placing it. You should also understand how different mattress dimensions work for different households and lifestyles.

When choosing a mattress, some of the questions you need to consider include:

  • Are you taller than the average person?
  • Do you sleep with a partner?
  • Do your pets share your bed?
  • Do you need to find a bed for a room that does not have much space?

There are so many different mattress sizes to pick from nowadays, choosing the right type of size can be a really complicated than you think.

Slumberzone brings you a detailed guide for mattress sizes.  California King Vs King? Queen Vs King ? Single or Double? Event speciality mattresses are explained in this Infographic by Slumberzone New Zealand.  Once you find the right size of mattress for your bedroom, you can surely sleep like a baby every night.



How your mattress could be affecting your health.

There is nothing more comforting and relaxing than jumping onto your mattress and in your cozy bed, after a long exhausting day at work. You think of the eight hours of sleep that awaits you. But more often than not, your mattress makes this an extremely hard.

If this cycle occurs every now and then, then your mattress may be doing more harm than good for your health. Over a period of time, your mattress starts to wear and tear and at times even get infested with bugs. All these if not taken care of can have various impacts on your health. Here is a list of ways in how your mattress could be affecting your health.

  1. A mattress that is not firm enough, can cause back pain

Adequate spine support is a must when it comes to mattresses of any kind.

A spine is made up of different bones, called vertebrae that are locked together in a curve. You want to sleep on a mattress that provides adequate support for these natural curves. If you sleep on an overly soft or saggy mattress any slight movement might put tremendous pressure on the connecting ligaments and tendons that connect the spine to the rest of the bones and muscles. This will cause the spine to bend which in turn will cause discomfort and pain. The most common sign to identify if your mattress is giving you a backache is waking up with a sore body. It is a sign to upgrade to a new mattress or invest in a mattress topper which will provide the added support.


  1. An extra firm mattress can lead to joint pains

Sleeping means releasing your full body weight onto a surface for hours at a stretch, this means that your mattress should have adequate firmness. Sleeping on a mattress that is extra hard means added pressure on areas such as your shoulders, hips, knees, and sides. This leads to aches and pains, particularly in the joints.


  1. Snoring

As surprising as it sounds, a mattress can cause you to snore. It is the most overlooked cause that leads to snoring. If a mattress is not supportive enough, your airways will be tense which leads to snoring.

Even old mattresses contribute to snoring. Since mattresses take the shape of your body, it is easier to block airways. Even though snoring is nothing uncommon, not everyone fully understands the dangers of snoring, which can also be fatal sometimes.


  1. Mattresses often trigger allergies.

Over a period of time, most mattresses get infested with bed bugs and dust mites. These creatures feed on the dead cells that are shed by your body. Even if you keep your bedroom and bed spic and span, bed bugs and dust mites can make your mattresses their own homes. This is because they thrive in warm, humid spots like beds and mattresses. Since your mattress is their home, you are at the risk of various health issues that can be caused by their feces and decaying bodies. The most common ones are allergic reactions such as coughing, sneezing, and a runny nose. For those of you, who from asthma, this could trigger problems such as shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing and chest pains. They also lead to skin allergies.

Though it is impossible to completely get rid of bed bugs and dust mites, you can minimize the risk of having your mattress infested with them. The easiest way is to invest in allergy free bedding and washing your bedding at least once every week.


  1. Mattresses can cause night sweats.

Do you often wake up in a pool of your own sweat? Though night sweats are mostly attributed to antidepressants or conditions like menopause or anxiety, quite often there is no cause for these episodes of night sweats. Your mattress can make you feel super hot at night while you sleep. This depends on the material used in making the mattress. A mattress made out of dense foam will capture the heat that is released from our body which leads to excessive heat retention and sweating. Sleeping in nightwear made out of airy fabrics like cotton or linen. Mattress toppers that come with a cooling gel are also a good option.


  1. Your heart will pay the price.

Sleeping on a poor quality mattress or one that does not suit your needs means fewer hours of sleep for you. When you do not sleep well for a continued period of time, you are at great risk of developing heart conditions. Though there is no particular reason as to why this happens, researchers believe that lack of sleep affects various bodily functions such as blood pressure, metabolism etc.

Lack of sleep can cause certain chemicals to be released into the body which lowers the blood pressure and heart rate. People who suffer from sleep apnea are a greater risk of suffering from heart conditions.


  1. An old mattress can also increase stress levels.

When you sleep on a mattress that is old and worn out, the quality of your sleep is not good enough. You will find yourself lying awake, tossing and turning trying to find a comfy position to sleep in. Lack of sleep causes irritability and has a physical and emotional impact on your health. All this increases your stress level which in turn affects your day to day life.


8. Obesity

Even though the most common causes of obesity are your diet and physical activity, it is often caused by lack of sleep. Sleeping on uncomfortable or old mattresses means lack of sleep. Lack of sleep leads to the secretion of hormones called ghrelin. This hormone increases appetite. This means that when you don’t get proper sleep, you tend to eat more and more which leads to weight issues. Very often you might find yourself binge eating at night when you cannot sleep.

A mattress has more impact on your health than you realize. You need to put in more thought into the kind of mattress that you sleep on as well as its condition. Saving a few bucks on a mattress might lead to life-threatening health issues.


Top Tricks for Sound Sleep

We normally spend about a third of our lives sleeping in our bed. Unfortunately, most people report having some type of sleep issue at some time in their life.   The issues range from difficulty falling asleep, trouble staying asleep or full on insomnia. Here are some of our top tips for getting the sleep you need.

Change How You Look at Your Mattress

Whether or not you get a good night’s sleep has a lot to do with your mattress.  Being comfortable can alleviate many issues when it comes to falling asleep and staying asleep. Studies now suggest that most people can fall asleep in 15-20 minutes if they are comfortable. Over time, sleeping in the same place on your bed can affect how well your mattress performs. Over its lifetime, a variety of natural materials will accumulate inside the mattress which will make the mattress uncomfortable, heavier and can contribute to allergies. Most of us have heard that you should replace your mattress after 10 years. That number depends on how often the mattress used and how well you care for it, but 8-10 years is typically a good rule of thumb. So, how do you know what mattress be right for you?  Try them out. When you go shopping lay on the mattress to see how it works for you.  If you aren’t comfortable laying on it in the store, you won’t be comfortable at home.  A quick search for Beds Auckland or Beds Wellington can help you make an informed decision on what type of mattress you should look for.

Create Your Perfect Bedtime Routine

Bedtime routines aren’t just for children. All ages can benefit from creating and sticking to a routine that will help your body prepare for sleep.  At the end of your day gets closer, you should be making sure that your body is relaxed and ready to get the best sleep possible.  Turn off the electronics, including your phone, at least an hour before you want to fall. Try a relaxing bubble bath or catch up on your reading, anything that is calm and relaxing will help prep your body and mind for sleep, so you can fall asleep fast and get the rest you need.

Get Your Exercise

According to a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, exercising can help you to fall asleep faster and deepen your sleep. Just make sure that you are exercising in the morning or early afternoon to get the best results, and don’t vigorously exercise within 3 hours of the time you want to go to sleep.

Keep Your Cool

Many experts believe that being cool when you go to sleep, has a big impact on how easy it is for you to fall asleep.   The suggested ideal temperature is about 18.33 °C, which can present a problem if it is hot outside.  There are alternatives to air conditioning. While typical memory foam is known for retaining heat, you can buy mattresses that use a gel-infused technology to allows for more air flow, which in turn keeps you cooler at night. Visit Beds Sale Wellington or Beds Store Auckland to see the latest in mattress technology.

Get Enough Sleep

Everyone is different and not everyone needs to get the same exact amount of sleep.  Most people have heard that you need eight hours of sleep to be at your best. But, there are other sources that say that you need less sleep as you get older.  So, which is correct?  Studies conducted by Walter Reed Research Institute found that even as little as seven hours of sleep per night caused participants to slowly build up side effects from sleep deprivation over in just a few weeks.  There are people who can function just fine on five or six hours of sleep per night, but they are few and far between.  Many of us are going need to get at least eight full hours or we will start to see slower reaction times and diminished attention spans.  But, don’t think that sleeping late on your days off will make up for any lost sleep, each night is what is important.

Making sure you have the right mattress for you is a key factor in assuring that you get the well-deserved sleep you need to be at your very best.

9 Ways to make your King Size bed cozier

9 Ways to make your King Size bed cozier

When you spend a good part of our life on our bed, it is important that we make your a bed cozy and comfortable space. Whether you have a single, queen or king size bed how you make your bed and bedroom plays a vital role in your sleep quality.

A well made single bed may very often be more cozy and comfortable than a spacious king size bed if not done up correctly. Here are a few tips and tricks to cozying up your bed.

1.Place a rug under your bed:

This is one of the most tried and tested as well as common décor practices all around the world. Stepping onto a soft rug first thing in the morning is a great feeling and also a great addition to your bedroom. If you don’t want a rug under your bed, you can also just add a fluffy side rug.


2.Get a real down comforter:

A comforter makes more difference than you think it does. Lying under a warm weightless quilt at night is one of the best feelings and also ensures that you get a good night’s sleep.


3. Make your bed every day:

You might be running late to work or just having a lazy day, but it just takes a few minutes to make that bed. A well-made bed is very inviting at the end of the day.


4. Learn how to tuck in your covers neatly:

Since you’re already making that bed, spare a few extra minutes and make the effort to tuck in your covers neatly from all corners. The wonder that a nicely made bed can do will surprise you each time.


5.Say yes to Extra pillows:

Many people don’t like the idea of having a lot of pillows and cushions on their bed, because they don’t like having to put them all away after a long day of work when they want to go straight to bed. Having just one pillow on each side is very boring and to be honest not the coziest, so the more the merrier. Adding extra pillows and cushions your bed the bed not just look warm and cozy but actually be warm and cozy. You can actually feel the difference. Put pillows on each side of your duvet and it will immediately get warm. You can also stack them up or put one between your legs when sleeping. You can even build a fort for your kids with all those extra pillows.

6.Add string lights:

string lights

Adding a few strings of lights behind a sheet or thin curtains can add to the warmth of your bed. You can use these in several ways.

7.Invest in a bedside lamp:

A bedside lamp will not only add to the character of your bedroom but it will also come in handy. You can switch it on and don’t have to worry about leaving your cozy and comfy bed as you can easily reach out for the bedside lamp from your bed. Bedside lamps also provide ample light for you to read your book or do some work without disturbing your partner.

8.Add some fluff:

Adding soft textures and patterns to your bed will make you feel like there is a pet on the bed. You can add some fluffy pillows and throws. When you just want to take a short nap you can just pull out the throw without having to worry about making the whole bed when you get up.

fluffy mattress

9.Add a canopy:

 A canopy is a great way to make your bed look more interesting and different. It also offers more privacy. You can either buy a canopy bed or if you are someone who likes to DIY a lot of stuff, just add a few curtain roads on the ceiling around your bed and voila, you have a more private and beautiful bed to yourself.



What Is Jet Lag Disorder? How To Deal With It?

jet lag disorder

Whether you are  traveling for the holidays, business, or simply a week-long getaway with your loved ones, jet lag can happen to the best of us when traveling across time zones. You must read our blog before you hit the beds sale at a local store near you.

Jet lag is a kind of temporary sleep disorder that occurs when you are flying on a plane and even after a flight. It does not happen to everyone that flies, only usually to those that travel a long distance very quickly, and experience multiple time zones.

It can affect your body’s internal clock and circadian rhythms, which makes it difficult to determine when you should be awake and when you should be sleeping. The more time zones you pass during your flight, the more this is going to affect you. Here are some things to know about jet lag disorder and how to cope with it before you hit your nearest beds sale.

What Causes Jet lag?

One of the main reasons of jet lag is a disruption to your body’s internal clock, also known as your circadian rhythms. These vital rhythms help to regulate a normal sleep-wake cycle, when you know naturally when to sleep and when to be awake.

When you have the nearly the same hours every day of the week, your body instantly knows when it is time to sleep. However, when you travel over different time zones, the clock might say one time, but your body thinks it is an entirely different time.

There may also be a link between the pressure and atmosphere in an airplane and getting jet lag, though the primary cause is due to your circadian rhythms being affected during your flight. Some of the other risk factors of jet lag include being an older adult, flying East as you are losing hours of time, and flying frequently.

What Are the Signs?

slumberzone travelling

One and only signs and symptoms you will experience if you are dealing with jet lag disorder is Disturbed sleep. It can also cause excessive sleepiness during daytime fatigue, stomach problems like  abdominal cramps and diarrhea, menstrual issues in women, not feeling well, muscle soreness, and problems concentrating or focusing. The farther you travel and more time zones you pass, the worse these symptoms typically are.

How Can You Treat it?

Jet lag disorder is  temporary sleep disorder that might away on its own once you return to your home, there are also some things you can do to effectively deal with it. The first thing to do is get sunlight. The sunlight and darkness of the day and night are what help to trigger your circadian rhythms. If you get sunlight, you may notice your body understands it is time to be awake, and that can help with the daytime fatigue. An alternative to sunlight is getting bright light therapy to restart your body’s internal clock.

There are also some medications you can take for jet lag, including sleeping aids like Lunesta, Ambien or Sonata. Additional medications may be prescribed to help with your other symptoms, like nausea and constipation.

Natural remedies may also help you sleep when you need to and stay awake during the day with jet lag. These include melatonin, chamomile, valerian root, and passion flower. Talking to your doctor about natural remedies for treating jet lag disorder can be really useful if you are frequent flyer.

Can it be Prevented?

time zone

While you may not be able to prevent jet lag every time, there are some things you can do to lower your risk. They include:

  • Getting enough rest before your trip to reduce the effects of jet lag.
  • Arrive early so you can catch up much-needed sleep and reduce how severe your jet lag is during your vacation.
  • Getting regular light or sunlight exposure.
  • Starting a new sleep-wake schedule gradually before your trip.
  • Staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet.

In addition, while sleeping on the flight at night or day won’t be nearly as comfortable as your Slumberzone bed, it may help you deal with jet lag.

Jet lag disorder can be really frustrating when your body is having trouble distinguishing night from day. These tips can help you cope with it and hopefully prevent it in the future.




Top 8 Secrets For The Best Night’s Sleep


What is a good night’s sleep?

For many of us, it’s an elusive treat on latex mattress.

But, what if there was a way to improve your odds of getting a good night’s sleep?

Try these top 10 secrets and that awesome organic sleep you deserve.

1 .Practice Relaxation Techniques Prior to Going to Bed

If you’re like many people, it doesn’t matter how tired you are, as soon as your head hits the pillow, your brain begins to churn over the tiniest bits of memories from your day. It’s as if your mind is suddenly wide awake and ready to process the finer details of your day – not exactly conducive to sleep.

Relaxation techniques, like meditation exercises, can help you clear your mind before you go to sleep, so that you are left to focus on having sweet dreams instead of rehashing your events from the day.

2 .Be Mindful of Your Diet

Believe it or not, what you eat and drink, hours before going to bed, can impact the quality and quantity of sleep you get. Keep these things in mind when planning your meals and eating, if a better night’s sleep is your goal.

  • Avoid heavy meals close to bedtime. Keep evening meals light, eating heavier meals earlier in the day.
  • Avoid foods that can cause you to experience heartburn or acid reflux. It’s best to avoid them altogether, especially within three hours before you plan to go to sleep.
  • Reduce your consumption of nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol in the evening hours, as these can all act as stimulants that disrupt sleep.

The key is to avoid foods that might weigh heavily upon your ability to get the quality sleep your body needs and deserves.

3 .Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

Despite its name, sleep hygiene does not indicate how clean you are when going to bed. Instead, it indicates the habits and practices you engage in during the last 30 minutes before going to bed.

Some activities act to stimulate and wake the brain while others set the stage for relaxation, calming, and soothing the brain. Choose the latter if you want to improve the quality of your sleep at night.

4 .Wear Socks to Bed

Sounds a little silly, right? How can socks affect the quality of your sleep? But, according to Huffington Post, slipping on a nice, comfortable pair of socks, when sliding into bed, can reduce the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep.

It makes sense when you think about it. If your feet are too cold, falling asleep can be difficult. Alternatively, you could consider adding an additional blanket to the foot of the bed to provide additional warmth for your feet. The National Sleep Foundation says you can even try placing a hot water bottle at your feet.

5 .Find the Perfect Mattress

While the qualities of the perfect mattress may differ, to some degree, from person to person, there are a few select qualities that all great mattresses offer, including mattresses that:

  • Provide adequate support
  • Allow proper airflow to the body
  • Deliver the perfect amount of comfort
  • Offer no harsh ingredients that might keep you up at night

Natural Latex mattresses are outstanding choices for providing the perfect blend of comfort, support, and airflow. Plus, you know you’re getting a product that is good for your family and the planet.

6 .Eliminate Light In Your Bedroom

You might have heard of using melatonin as an herbal supplement that aids in sleep. You may have even used it yourself in the past. What you may not know, is that your body produces melatonin on its own. It’s a hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycles.

Having too much light from mobile devices, bright alarm clocks, nightlights, and even street lights outside your windows can interfere with the production of melatonin, making it difficult to fall asleep. It is best to unplug and unwind before you go to sleep each night.

7 .Keep a Sleep Schedule – Even on Days Off

Many people look forward to their weekends as an opportunity to get an extra hour or two of sleep. This isn’t good for your body, though, and it can throw your entire sleep routine off kilter. Staying up later on weekend nights, since you don’t “have to” get up as early the next morning, is also a bad idea.

Try to keep your sleep schedule, including a morning ritual and nighttime bedtime routine, as consistent as possible to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

8 .Exercise Earlier in the Day

Exercise can be one of the most important tools for helping you sleep at night – if you do it at the right time. Waiting until a couple of hours before bedtime could have an effect that is opposite of what you desire, revving you up instead of calming you down.

Try these Top 10 Secrets For The best Night’s Sleep, and see for yourself, how long it takes to have your best night’s sleep yet.




Learn how to find the best beds and mattress for a bad backache.

Are you trying to find best beds and mattress for back pain? One of the most complex and tough medical conditions to treat and cure are the ones related to chronic back pain.

You will find many people searching for the best mattress for back pain problems just to get a little relief.  While you take the expensive chiropractic medical treatments, having a good quality comfortable sleeping surface seems to help the most when it comes to reducing chronic back pain problems – also preventing it altogether.

While identifying the single best or most suited mattress remains a hot topic, opinion polls and sleep researchers have indicated that specific types are better than others when it comes to pain relief and back support.

Back Pain & Sleep routine: Take a look at these facts

These facts might surprise you on how much of an impact can this problem have on sleep:

  • Low back discomfort is the single leading cause of disability in human body worldwide. It’s one of the most common reasons for missed work. And up to 70% of us will experience it at some point during our lives, says the American Chiropractic Association.
  • Back Pain is a key factor that keeps many Kiwis from getting the quality sleep they need on daily basis. In fact, sleep disturbance is a top complaint among patients dealing with a joint problem or chronic back pain.
  • Those with a chronic back problem get around 43 fewer minutes of sleep per night, according to the National Sleep Council.

The good news is that you do have control over your sleep quality. If back discomfort is a regular issue, investing in the right kind of mattress is one step that can significantly improve the quality of the sleep as well as your wellbeing when you are awake

What makes memory foam best for a bad back?

Traditional spring mattresses can get uncomfortable due to its flat and plank-like nature. The stiff springs can cause to lay uneven, whether you are back or side sleeper. Plan like straight surfaces, when it comes to a back position sleeper, it forces your spine to arch and the inner knee to be unsupported. This prevents the lower back area from decompressing and causes a lot of strains and pain.

mattresses for back pain

Why does this happen? Let’s visualize this sleeping position. The upper shoulders and buttocks are the parts of the body that protrude the most; the heels of the foot as well. When you lay down on the mattress, the buttocks touch the surface of the mattress, then the shoulders and heels, all making the contact with the springs. Firmer beds might have a space gap between the lower back and the bed, inner knees barely is supported by the surface and the head falls backwards.

memory foam mattressChoose a memory foam mattress that is made up of natural, plant-based materials to avoid overheating and harmful chemicals.

Looking for best beds and mattress in New Zealand?

In short, it really depends on what mattress brand you choose. If you have a specific memory foam mattress in mind that you’re thinking about buying, do fa air bit of research and find out what the memory foam is made of. Here’s a hint: If a mattress manufacturer uses safe, non toxic materials, they’re usually pretty open to talk about it, and it’s easy to find the information on their website.

Why  Foam Toppers Are a Great Option

By now, you’ve learned a little about why memory foam mattress are one the best sleep surfaces for back problems. So it might not come as much of a surprise to know that  memory foam toppers can also a great effective way to ease your discomfort of back pain.

Similar to memory foam mattress, memory foam toppers adjusts to your spinal cord’s natural curves. This helps your vertebrae area stay properly aligned to reduce joint twisting and muscle tension while sleeping. If you are sleeping on an old spring mattress, a memory foam surface that is little thicker will definitely go a long way making and old creaky bed more comfortable.

Like memory foam mattresses, memory foam toppers conform to your spinal cord natural curves. This can also reduce muscle tension and joint twisting while you sleep. If you’re sleeping on a traditional spring mattress, a thick memory foam surface will go a long way towards making an old, creaky bed more comfortably.


Here are some useful tips to help you in sthe election process before buying best beds and mattress for relieving back pain:

Firmness & Support – A good mattress should be firm enough to support the natural curvature of the body while sleeping. The mattress softens when you lie down, it bends and relaxes to support your body and spine which can keep it proper alignment to relieve the back pain issues. A good mattress also keeps the rest of your body in proper alignment, reducing the stress on hips and shoulders that may lead to chronic back pain.

Space – An average sleeper changes sleeping positions around 11-12 times per night. If you are sleeping next to your partner then we really recommend sleeping on a mattress that is big enough for 2 people to move comfortably around without feelin all cramped up

Bed – Sometimes, it’s not only the mattress. Having good foundation is the key, we recommend investing in a good quality bed that also provides your mattress with good support

It’s decision time!

After all the research and understanding the facts about the type of best beds and mattress for back pain, this will help your back stay comfortable, it’s time to make your pick based on your preferences and budget.