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Gel memory foam mattress, a step towards better sleep

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We at Slumberzone always stress the importance of the best sleep quality for people of all age and different lifestyles. Poor sleep quality can impact your daily productivity at work, health and other areas of life that can lead to an overall low quality of your daily life. What can have a big impact on the quality of your sleep is the quality and type of the mattress or bed you sleep on. Thanks to modern mattress technology there are many products in the market that are targeted towards improving sleep quality to give you a soothing and comfortable downtime. One such technology is the new and revolutionary memory foam mattress.

Gel memory foam mattress or “gel-infused” memory foam mattress is a version of traditional memory foam with gel beads infused throughout the foam or in layers. Although at present this is most commonly found in pillows, this technology is rapidly being implemented in mattresses and mattress tops as well.  This gel-infused foam is soft and durable which may help improve the sleep quality that you have been lacking, leading to other benefits in health and daily life. The gel memory foam mattress provides the same durability of the traditional memory foam mattress while adding to the level and quality of comfort.

Benefits of a gel memory foam mattress

This new gel infused technology helps in reducing pressure on parts of your body that your current mattress might be impacting negatively, especially in the long run. The gel memory foam is also designed to let the extra heat coming from your body to escape because of the open cell structure. This gives your body a cooler and comfortable temperature at nights, which your current mattress might not be taking care of. It also reduces motion transmission, so that if one of the partners moves or leaves the bed at night, the other partner feels the minimum effect. Another advantage of the gel memory foam mattress is better spinal positioning. This, however, might not be guaranteed in cool nights or colder rooms as gel infused memory foams do not retain enough heat that is preferred for the perfect spinal positioning, but if your room temperature is well regulated, this should not be a problem.


This technology is also used for making more comfortable mattress toppers as well as pillows. Gel memory foam based mattress toppers and pillows can be placed on top of your current memory foam mattress to make your sleeping arrangement more comfortable. Memory foam pillows can also prove to be a great investment for people with neck specific pain. A Gel memory foam mattress topper can be a great inexpensive addition to your bed with substantial sleep benefits.

Gel memory foam mattress at Slumberzone

  • Slumberzone’s Hibrido comes with Orthocool Gel® memory foam,natural latex, and soft touch luxurious silk floss quilting finish with high quality knitted fabric and the “intellispring” spring system. We proudly offer this combined technology for many health and skin benefits to our customers. Apart from no body heat build up and minimal partner disturbance, Hibrido has a multiple zoned “Intellispring” coil system with more than 1500 counts of pocket springs which make for a sumptuous feel and a high quality touch of luxury.


  • The Back Supporter is another one of our gel memory foam beds. This is a truly supportive and pressure relieving luxurious mattress with silk blend upholstery, Orthocool gel memory foam, natural latex, and Slumberzone’s unique Techno10X 7 zone spring system. This bed provides benefits such as no body heat build up, luxurious medium soft feel, 7 degrees of posture support and minimal partner disturbance.

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