How to Sleep Better ?

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties our health and body together” by William Blake. According to the quote, a sound and requisite sleep is crucial for the normal functioning of a body, a vigilant mind and highly alert senses.
For today’s busy human being, the sleep has become a contentious issue and whatever time he gets must be a very good sleep. To get a wonderful nights relaxation, he can follow certain regime and practices in routine.

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Firstly, in order to get a good night sleep one must indulge in some physical activity which will enable him to go to bed, tired and sleepy. There will be more probability of getting a better sleep. Very less use of muscles and limbs will hinder the sleep and the exhausted mind will never get time to completely get desired rest.

Secondly, one must respect one’s circadian system and our eating habits should be in synchronization with it. If one is early riser, one must go to bed early. Otherwise, it will be difficult to maintain good sleep. The same must be followed every day to not to disturb the sleeping cycle.

Thirdly, one must check the eating habits which also hamper or assist a great sleep. One must avoid too much caffeine intake, immediately before the sleep. It may tinkle our taste buds but will have an adverse effect on our sleep. A small amount of carbohydrates is important before the sleep to help the body keep energized to do normal functions while sleeping. We should also avoid too much liquid intake, minutes before going to bed. It will force us to get up in the night, a number of times to empty our bladders. However, a cup of warm milk will help. If the diet pattern is not disciplined, one should forget about a re-energizing and relax sleep.

Fourthly, one must be as relaxed as possible. Too much anxiety will only result in shifting positions throughout the night and not the sleep. One can follow mind relaxation techniques like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, listening to light devotional music and reading a positive book to do away with a mind clogged with thought traffic.
Finally, there are certain rituals which may also be a great help. Some of these are: taking a warm bath before sleep, keeping the room dark, clean and quiet, keep the bed comfortable and tidy, use a pillow suited to your spine, maintain a soothing temperature of the room and have a blow of room freshener as per your liking.

The above measures and habits can help substantially to earn a good night sleep with sweet dreams. It will enable us to become stronger to face the challenges of another day in our life. It will turn us into a pleasant personality and fresh to move on towards success. Take a good night sleep to lead a great life.

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