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Looking for the best mattress for your age?

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A significant  amount of  health problems can be linked back to lack of sleep, as well as a bad mattress. Sleeping on a mattress that isn’t suited for you can leave you with backaches, sore legs, neck pain and more. The longer you put up with the mattress, the more problems you will have.

Nothing lets you feel as recharged and rejuvenated as a good night of rest – but if your mattress giving you the support for a sound night of sleep? A majority of people have the wrong mattress, which can affect sleep.

Sleep is important for all kinds of reasons – your mental health, your physical health, even your emotional health. And nothing gives you a great night sleep quite like a comfortable bed suited just for you.

And without good sleep, even the nicest of people can turn into a monster.

No matter what you may be looking for Slumberzone has the perfect bed waiting for you. With so many different options available, there is a choice for even the pickiest of people. Whether you’re looking for a soft mattress or hard, something with a little spring or maybe a bed that cuts back on your partner’s disturbance.

Either way, you deserve the bed you want. Slumberzone New Zealand manufacturer modern moves in technology, we believe we have a choice for you. After all, it’s more than just a mattress to us. It’s your sleeping surface for good sleep and health!

Slumberzone has researched and  designed its own technology to meet the needs of everyone in New Zealand. The Techno 10X Pocket Spring System in our luxury bedding features a customized design that offer support and firmness when you lay in it.

Or, if you’re looking for a softer mattress, there’s the option of the Breathsoft Foam. It acts exactly as it sounds: An open cell formula of foam increases air circulation, which is perfect for those who suffer from heat during the night.

Slumberzone has introduced  a coil system in luxury bedding that offers both firmness and support. This is for the kind of person that gets disturbed several times during the night, thanks to their partner. Its surprising that you won’t feel your partner moving during the night.

If you’re looking for the best memory foam mattress, Slumberzone has you covered here.  Traditional memory foam mattress is a thing of the past! The new Aircool Memory Foam works to keep air circulating more freely, which keeps your bed (and you) much cooler, all while shaping to your body. This results in a healthier and refreshed sleep routine. With our king size mattresses, you will feel sleeping like a King!

Slumberzone is a New Zealand owned and operated company, quality is key, as we want our customers to wake up refreshed and energised. That’s why we offer warranty for all of our products – to ensure your happiness, safety and comfort.

Our customers are our biggest sales force. Our dedication and customer-service driven attitude coupled with a wide selection of beds is exactly what keeps people coming back for more. We stick with you from the very beginning of the sale until your mattress is set up and installed at your home. You get so much more than a mattress here – you get technical support, advice, expert designers and more.

One way we do this is by continually updating our technology. We’re able to look past modern day reality and look ahead, gathering information for products of the future. We use a mix of the latest in spring technology and the latest and greatest in foam memory to provide you with top-of-the-line products.

After all, you deserve to sleep like a king! With our king size mattresses, spreading out and getting comfortable has never been easier. Getting up will no more be a battle. You’ll fall asleep instantly, as you melt into your perfect mattress. No more fitful nights or getting disturbed by your partner.

Looking for the best mattress for your age?

Slumberzone has a wide range of mattresses crafted with latest technology in New Zealand to ensure the most restful sleep possible. Slumberzone offers a wide range of high quality luxury bedding that will suit your needs and budget.