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Cairfull Technology

About Cairfull Technology

Cairfull is a revolutionary knitting technology that optimizes sleeping comfort. Cairfull’s three-dimensional cross structure creates a ventilating layer of air within the fabric. This stimulates the air circulation under the body and the evaporation of the absorbed moisture. The air layer also distributes heat evenly over the entire sleeping surface. The bed remains dry, and sleep is not disrupted by temperature fluctuations.

The three-dimensional air layer reduces pressure with a minimum of six percent and helps the mattress and pillow to support the body.


Tests performed by CSIRO (The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation of Australia) show that some covers and mattress toppers degrade the pressure-reducing characteristics of the foam.
Cairfull enhances the positive characteristics of the foam and creates a layer of air between body and foam. CSIRO found that there is up to four hundred times more air flow in a Cairfull fabric compared to a standard mattress fabric.