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World's finest pocket spring Coppertine® Pocket Spring System Slumberzone NZ

Coppertine® Pocket Springs

World's Finest pocket Spring

  • Copper, Titanium & Steel Combination

    Superior Durability

  • The Spring Provided Exceptional Support

    For a Luxurious Sleep

Slumberzone New Zealand is proud to bring in Coppertine – A.Ticu-S a trusted & patented technology in pocket springs from Agro Germany.

Bonnell Spring

Traditional Spring System

  • Individually Wrapped Pocket Springs

    Super Durable

  • Less Partner Disturbance

    Comfortable Sleep

Bonnell spring mattress systems are the most traditional type of innerspring mattress. The Bonnell coil, which forms the spring system, is shaped like an hourglass with its bottom and top being broader than its middle.

Posture Pro® Pocket Springs

Impeccable Posture Support

  • Provides Better Posture Support While You Sleep

    No More Back Pain

  • Single Spring Movement for Zoned Support

    Provide You The Best Sleep.

Our Posture Pro range is made of Pocket springs which are individually fabric wrapped pocket coils that can move independently of each other.

Premium High Grade Foams
Premium High Grade Foams

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