Physiopedic Bed



Pocket & Sphrical Springs



Purolax Latex




High Grade Designer

A PERFECT WAY TO EXPERIENCE SLUMBERZONE'S UNIQUE PHYSIOPEDIC RANGE. This bed is designed to provide optimum comfort and support for everybody, shape and size. Physiopedic spring system adjust with the body movements ensuring proper spine alignment and dynamically conforms to the body contours. Top layer of pocket coils provides supreme comfort and bottom layer offers superior lumber support. Dual coil system provides immediate response. If you are plus size our Physiopedic range is perfect for you.


  • QUEEN - 152cm x 202cm
  • KING - 167cm x 202cm
  • SUPER KING - 180cm x 202cm


Bed Features

  • Dual coil unit conforming comfort and deep down support
  • Purolax® (convoluted natural latex) terric for pressure point relief.
  • Anti-Allergenic, Anti dust mites and breathable.
  • Layers of High density Foams.
  • Edge to edge support, Non roll off.
  • No motion transfer
  • Broad range of durability.
  • No turn Technology.
  • High grade designer fabric.
  • Adjusts with Body Movement to Give Spine Alignment
  • Dual Coil System provides Immediate Response
  • Provides Optimum Comfort and Support for Everybody.
  • No Motion Transfer and No Turn Technology
Physiopedic is a dual spring layer mattress with generous layers of Purolax® Latex. The bottom spring unit is high tempered spherical springs supported by micro coil pocket springs on top. This bed provides optimal posture support and a medium soft feel

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