Posture Care Pillow-top



5 Zone Pocket



Purolax Latex




Posture Care Pillow Tesk

Posture Care Pillowtop features five specialized contour zones that are created through heavier and increased coil concentration in specific body areas. The 5 zoned pocket spring is designed to deliver posture perfect support and minimal partner disturbance. The plush pillow top features luxury comfort layers of natural latex and fiber blend polyester and premium comfort foam layers in Foam Mattress NZ. Providing excellent pressure relief and comfort.   The Latex in this bed allows superior air circulation to ensure even humidity and heat distribution, meaning no heat traps or moisture build ups along with other no allergenic benefits such as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypo-allergenic.   Also is excellent for asthma and hay fever sufferers.   Available in Soft and Medium feel   5-years-warranty


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