Slumberzone Pure Series Beds

Elevate Your Sleep to Uncharted Heights with Our Premium Mattresses

Crafted with high-end technology, each mattress is a masterpiece designed to cradle you in unparalleled comfort. Indulge in a sleep sanctuary where sophistication meets innovation, and every night becomes a celebration of restful indulgence.

New Zealand Made

Kiwi Craft

5 to 10 Year Warranty*


Best Price


Designed For Kiwis

By Kiwis
Modern & Affordable

Experience the Difference

Imagine drifting off to sleep on a cloud of comfort, surrounded by the finest materials and cradled by advanced technology.

Best Sleep Guaranteed

Best Sleep Support

Discover the best in sleep support without compromising on quality. Sweet dreams, budget-friendly reality.

World's finest pocket spring by slumberzone
Excellent Body Support

Tuned Body Support

Our mattresses offer tuned body support without the high cost. Discover the balance between quality sleep and budget-friendly choices.

healthy sleep environment

Cutting Edge Fabric Tech

We incorporate innovative technologies and materials to ensure your mattress stays fresh and free of allergens.

Refreshing and comfortable sleep

Temperature Regulation

We incorporate cutting-edge temperature control technologies into our luxury mattresses to ensure a cool and comfortable sleep experience all year round.

Slumberzone Premium Materials

The superior quality of our materials positions our mattresses as the finest in New Zealand

Advanced Pocket Springs

Coppertine® Pocket Springs, Tripedic® Pocket Springs, Posture Pro® Pocket Springs,DWS advanced springs, Traditional bonnel springs.

Next Gen Foams

Graphite infused memory foams, Natural latex foams, Nexus foams, Flo foams, Copper infused memory foams, Orthocool® Gel memory foams.

Premium Fabrics

Tencel fabrics with Adaptive® and HealthGuard® Technology, Bamboo fabrics, RealSilk® fabric, Copper infused fabric, Silverline® technology.

Unlock Your Best Sleep

How to choose the right mattress?

Navigating the Art of Choosing the Right Mattress with SlumberZone.

Visit any Showroom


Forget browsing online and staring at endless specs. The best way to discover your dream mattress is to experience it firsthand. Step into our inviting showroom and let our friendly staff be your sleep guides, allowing you to touch, feel, and envision the perfect mattress for your unique needs.

Tell a Sleep Expert about Your Preferences & Sleeping Style


Tell our sleep experts all about your sleep habits. Do you side-sleep like a starfish? Snuggle close as a koala? Describe your ideal sleep temperature, your back pains, and even your favorite bedtime reads. Our experts will listen intently, crafting a personalized sleep profile to guide you towards your perfect match.

Try Your Suggested Bed in the Showroom


Your journey culminates in trying the suggested mattress in showroom. Lie down, feel the support, and immerse yourself in the comfort tailored to your liking. This hands-on experience allows you to make an informed decision, ensuring the mattress you choose is not just a bed but a sanctuary crafted for your optimal rest.

Explore Our Unique Beds at Your Nearest Retailer

Immerse yourself in the world of unparalleled luxury. With a variety of unique premium beds, each retailer offers a curated selection of models. Test and try before you buy—visit a retailer’s website or store to find the perfect sleep sanctuary tailored to your preferences.

Visit a Retailer to Experience Our Variety of Luxury Beds

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