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Slumberzone New Zealand is proud to bring in Coppertine – A.Ticu-S a trusted & patented technology in pocket springs from Agro Germany.

Titanium – a symbol of strength and material designed for movement because titanium is ductile, i.e. plastically deformable. Many industries already use the titanium effect in a highly successful way.

Slumberzone’s Intellisprings are the Intelligent, pro active two stage Pocket in Pocket coils. After absorbing limited body pressure, the second stage Pocket coil senses the additional pressure and jointly with the mother coil helps in regulating the posture support. Since each Pocket in Pocket coil acts as independent pressure regulator, this range can be termed as a Multi Zoned spring system.


Slumberzone offers Springless mattresses for those who prefer not to have springs in their mattress. These mattresses come in combinations of various Premium and comfort foams to offer posture support, resilience and sleeping comfort.

Slumberzone Tripedic Technology is based on combination of regular pocket springs enhanced with triple twirled pocket springs in the defined Tripedic Zone of a mattress. The Tripedic Springs provide additional posture support where heavier weights are subjected. The Tripedic presence on the sides assures a strong edge support and truly maximized sleeping area.


Slumberzone came up with the concept of dual layer spring Technologies to term it as Physiopedic Range. Mattresses in this range come in combinations of regular Pocket Springs or Bonnel Springs packed with top of Micro Pocket coils.


Slumberzone’s Posture Pro range is made of Pocket springs which are individually fabric wrapped pocket coils that can move independently of each other. If weight is applied to one part of the mattress, only those coils will move. This has the benefit of minimizing movement and offer minimal partner disturbance. These Pocket Springs are further designed in horizontal zones with varying pressure to offer better support to body pressure points.


Slumberzone Restopedic range is based on World’s most trusted Bonnel Spring Technology also known as Inner Springs and is highly recommended for support and restful sleep. An inner spring mattress is an integrated system of coils that are all interconnected. When pressure is applied to the mattress all the springs react together. This provides a supportive and active feeling mattress that is responsive to body movement.

Techno 10 X from Slumberzone is the the Hour glassed shaped 10 Turn Pocket Springs packed in a mattress to provide optimal response to body pressure. Pressure is transmitted through the broader top of the Pocket Spring and depending on the body weight, the tightly packed coils in the central part absorb most of the pressure. This helps in better posture support and assists easier body movements.

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