Purolax Latex Pillow

  • Since latex is extremely dense, it holds its shape and softness
  • All types of latex Mattress NZ are mildew-proof and antimicrobial. Latex pillows will not support the growth of dust mite populations or other common allergens
  • Highly durable and easy care
  • A perfect combination of firmness and support in Mattress NZ. While latex is fairly firm, it is not so firm that it hinders the optimal support of your head and neck area

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Latex Pillow

Our Sleep Right solid latex pillow has a light resilience that quickly shapes to your body to comfortably support your head, neck and shoulder area. This personal fit helps align your spine properly and lets you breathe easier for sleeping easier. The pillow structure has a reticulated design that creates increased air circulation, allowing you to sleep cooler at night, with no moisture build-up. Latex Pillow and Mattress NZ is naturally anti-bacterial, mildew and mold resistant.