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Advanced Pocket Spring System
World's finest pocket spring Coppertine® Pocket Spring System Slumberzone NZ

Coppertine® Pocket Spring

World's Finest Pocket Spring

  • Highly Durable

    Titanium, Steel and Copper

  • Distinctive Zone System

    5 Zone , 7 Zone body support

A combination of titanium and steel wrapped in a copper coating creates a pillar of strength and durability with anti-bacterial properties

Techno 10X pocket spring-min

Techno 10X® Pocket Spring

Buoyant support

  • Better Sleep Posture

    Coils absorb most of the pressure

  • 7 Pressure Zones

    Better posture and comfort.

Techno 10X® from Slumberzone is special 10 Turn Pocket Springs packed in a mattress to provide an optimal response to body pressure.

PHYSIOPEDIC® Pocket Spring

Ensuring proper spine alignment

  • Optimal Back Support

    Supreme comfort and contouring

  • Dual Layer Springs

    Better body and sleep posture.

Dynamically adjusts to body movements ensuring proper spine alignment and actively conforms to your body contours

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