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slumberzone intellisprings range of mattress nz

In this era of innovations and technology, Slumberzone is proud of conceptualizing its revolutionary ideas to design and manufacture Mattresses which offer a dual promise of luxury and enhanced posture support.

Slumberzone has strived to keep ahead of its contemporaries, by going beyond conventional reality and constantly innovating to assure World Class Superior products. The versatile blend of our posture supportive Spring Technologies and ultra modern Foams makes our products unmatched in the competitive mattress market of New Zealand.

The R&D at Slumberzone constantly studies the Sleep patterns and Sleep Postures, Innovates to use the Technology in producing speciality mattresses / beds which assure that you WAKE UP IN THE MORNING – Refreshed and Energized.

Slumberzone Bed Has Techno 10x Pocket Spring System

Techno 10x Pocket Spring System

Techno 10X springs by Slumberzone is unique with distinctive design which gives a firmer and supportive response when body pressure is applied.

Slumberzone Bed and Mattress - Tripedic Coil System

Tripedic Coil System

Tripedic coil system is engineered to provide dynamically controlled rebound, Progressive support and unparalleled comfort.

Slumberzone Beds NZ Intelliprings Coil System

Intelliprings Coil System

Slumberzone is proud to introduce Intelliprings™ the latest state of the art mattress technology.

Slumberzone Luxury Beds With Total Edge Support System

Total Edge Support System

Total edge support system by Slumberzone is unique and developed to provide maximum sleeping surface without losing the core support.

Cooltech Memory Foam Slumberzone

Orthocool Gel Memory Foam | Cooltech Memory Foam

Traditional Memory foam is known for retaining heat. Orthocool™ Gel memory foam’s open-cell construction promotes air flow for a cooler night’s sleep.

Breathsoft Foam Slumberzone

Breathsoft Foam

The open cell structure of BREATHSOFT™ foam is designed to improve air circulation and reduce heat, providing a healthier temperature controlled sleeping surface.

Purolax Natural Latex - Slumberzone NZ Beds

Purolax Natural Latex

Traditional latex used in beds typically has a pin-holed core and open cell type.

Durafoam™ Technology by Slumberzone

Durafoam™ Technology by Slumberzone

DURAFOAM™ is incredibly resilient with a high density structure of tightly packed cells which allow air to pass through when you lie down on it.

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“Oh bliss! We recently moved house and upgraded to a Backpro Queen. My wife and I both love firm beds and it’s actually hard to find a good quality firm mattress in New Zealand. For both of us, the Backpro is that bed.”

Mark Baker

Veritas Communications Limited

“I was very fortunate to win a Slumberzone Snoozer Plush and I have to say I am having the best sleep ever. You don’t realise how uncomfortable your old bed was until you have a new one. The plush topper feels very luxurious and supportive which I find has reduced my back pain and given me an improved sleep. The bed also feels warmer retaining my body heat. The mattress is supportive and contours to my body so you feel very comfortable and warm. I would thoroughly recommend the Snoozer Plush and enjoy going to bed now because I know I am going to have a great sleep and wake up pain free.”

David Mcgee

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