Oh bliss! We recently moved house and upgraded to a Backpro Queen. My wife and I both love firm beds and it’s actually hard to find a good quality firm mattress in New Zealand. For both of us, the Backpro is that bed. Mattress and base are a delight, and they are very kind to sore stiff muscles from moving house! Having had a lower back issue some years ago makes me very aware of how a bed treats my back – this one’s right in my ‘pamper’ zone! We upgraded our daughter to a Backpro King Single at the same time – as an active sportsperson she really appreciates the firm but not intrusive support her new bed offers.

I was very fortunate to win a Slumberzone Snoozer Plush and I have to say I am having the best sleep ever. You don’t realise how uncomfortable your old bed was until you have a new one. The plush topper feels very luxurious and supportive which I find has reduced my back pain and given me an improved sleep. The bed also feels warmer retaining my body heat. The mattress is supportive and contours to my body so you feel very comfortable and warm. I would thoroughly recommend the Snoozer Plush and enjoy going to bed now because I know I am going to have a great sleep and wake up pain free.

I was the very excited and lucky winner of a Slumberzone Snoozer Plush® and OMG about sums it up! My husband and I had a comfortable (or so we thought) 14 year old bed which we had been thinking about replacing in the next year or so.
When I won I couldn’t believe my luck and after 5 nights sleeping on it I still can’t!

We used to sleep on a sheepskin electric blanket on through Autumn, Winter and Spring but after 2 nights of using it on the Snoozer Plush we removed it as it takes away from the luxury of the amazing plush topper. This bed feels really firm and completely “bounce” free but you absolutely feel like you melt into it while still having firm support. I can’t really explain it better then that.

The topper has great thermal qualities as without the sheepskin/electric blanket and still feel perfectly the right temperature (even though our bedroom is unheated and in a cooler environment). It’s also lovely to snuggle into (doesn’t have that initial cold feeling we were used to from other mattresses).

Now that our bodies are amazingly comfortable we notice how bad our pillows are so we’re off to get new ones of those.
Thanks so much Slumberzone and to anyone out there considering a Snoozer Plush I highly recommend it! 🙂

I thought that the bed I had was a good one. After trying many beds I settled on a Slumberzone bed. Wow, these beds are truly affordable and a taste of luxury. With the benefits of sleeping on a Slumberzone bed I feel better everyday and this allows me more energy to train and work harder. I have been astounded at what a difference a Slumberzone mattress made to my quality of life. Absolutely amazing sleep comfort and the correct support for where I need it most.

My Retreat 3 is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. It’s like sleeping in a 5 star hotel every night, it makes my old bed seem like a camp bed. Even though I’m 100kg there’s absolutely no roll together, and I wake up feeling refreshed.


I would like to thank you for the service i received from you when i purchased my new bed from Sweet Dreams Dunedin.

My Slumberzone Harmony bed is fantastic “z z z z z”. It is extremely comfortable and cosy.

After having slept on the same bed for quite a few years i was a little apprehensive about the change.

Not sure if the boss is too happy with my new bed though, its become a little difficult to get out of it in the mornings, might have to start work a little later in the day “z z z z z”

I am happy to write this testimonial to SlumberZone and to such a dramatic change in my general wellbeing.

For many years I slept on what I now know was pretty average mattress. Years ago working as an Architect designing and detailing for hours on end standing and seated at my Drawing board was a good start to poor postural practice, and now, every day sitting at my computer is no different. Going to bed at night and looking forward to waking revitalized was not happening, and I just put up with this for years like most of us do. I finally decided that this lack of real refreshing sleep was affecting my work and play, and the old sleepyhead had to go.

After checking out all the options I invested in a Slumberzone mattress and when it was delivered straight from the factory I couldn’t, believe how heavy and strong this new King size was (something to do with the multi layers of comfort memory stuff etc.) I all I know is when I got into bed that first night I lay there and my body tells my brain O.M.G this is such a nice feeling – Blank – and in the morning – so different waking and feeling totally refreshed .

As the days , weeks and month rolled by I expected the satisfaction of a good night’s sleep to fade back to normality, but the truth is, for whatever reason the technology in this SlumberZone mattress continues daily to reinvigorate me.