I am happy to write this testimonial to SlumberZone and to such a dramatic change in my general wellbeing.

For many years I slept on what I now know was pretty average mattress. Years ago working as an Architect designing and detailing for hours on end standing and seated at my Drawing board was a good start to poor postural practice, and now, every day sitting at my computer is no different. Going to bed at night and looking forward to waking revitalized was not happening, and I just put up with this for years like most of us do. I finally decided that this lack of real refreshing sleep was affecting my work and play, and the old sleepyhead had to go.

After checking out all the options I invested in a Slumberzone mattress and when it was delivered straight from the factory I couldn’t, believe how heavy and strong this new King size was (something to do with the multi layers of comfort memory stuff etc.) I all I know is when I got into bed that first night I lay there and my body tells my brain O.M.G this is such a nice feeling – Blank – and in the morning – so different waking and feeling totally refreshed .

As the days , weeks and month rolled by I expected the satisfaction of a good night’s sleep to fade back to normality, but the truth is, for whatever reason the technology in this SlumberZone mattress continues daily to reinvigorate me.