I was the very excited and lucky winner of a Slumberzone Snoozer Plush® and OMG about sums it up! My husband and I had a comfortable (or so we thought) 14 year old bed which we had been thinking about replacing in the next year or so.
When I won I couldn’t believe my luck and after 5 nights sleeping on it I still can’t!

We used to sleep on a sheepskin electric blanket on through Autumn, Winter and Spring but after 2 nights of using it on the Snoozer Plush we removed it as it takes away from the luxury of the amazing plush topper. This bed feels really firm and completely “bounce” free but you absolutely feel like you melt into it while still having firm support. I can’t really explain it better then that.

The topper has great thermal qualities as without the sheepskin/electric blanket and still feel perfectly the right temperature (even though our bedroom is unheated and in a cooler environment). It’s also lovely to snuggle into (doesn’t have that initial cold feeling we were used to from other mattresses).

Now that our bodies are amazingly comfortable we notice how bad our pillows are so we’re off to get new ones of those.
Thanks so much Slumberzone and to anyone out there considering a Snoozer Plush I highly recommend it! 🙂