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You have learned a lot in the process of being together and learning new things. You also know your partner’s sleeping habits and comfort zone. Adding poor sleep routine habits after 10 years of marriage can be unhealthy for you and your partner. Congratulations, For a decade of being together. The kids have their own space and it’s time for you to invest in a new mattress if your current mattress is over 8-10 years!!

If you are not happy with your mattress and wake up with aches then it’s time to change the mattress. If you are facing lower back aches and neck pain the choosing best mattress for lower back pain is very important

Don’t let this middle age phase of your life together on the wrong side of the bed with an old mattress and bad sleep routine. If you didn’t include a new luxury mattress in your fresh new life, here is why it should be one of your first investments in the first half of 2020!

When you purchased your existing mattress, you were considering what was best for your personal sleep. Now, there are two of you and your luxury mattress may not fully support your significant other’s sleep needs and habits. It’s crucial to your sleep health as a couple that your mattress works for both of you.

Have an open conversation and be honest about what you need for your sleep. It’s also very important to listen carefully to your partner’s sleep needs. You can write down and select or discard your mattress choices making it easier when you’re ready for the mattress purchase.

After you have discussed with your partner about what you both are looking for to ensure a good night’s sleep for a refreshed morning with a new orthopaedic mattress in Auckland. It’s time to make your mattress dreams come true. Don’t be intimidated by the buying process of a premium mattress. If both of you have fully discussed your needs and made a plan before walking in the stores, it’ll be a breeze.

Make a wish list: You and your partner have discussed your needs and sleep habits, now take some time to prioritize and write down everything that you’re looking for in a new mattress. This will allow both of you to go into the store informed and help save your time.

Know your budget & look for attractive schemes on luxury bedding in New Zealand.

Identify how much you’re comfortable spending on your sleep before going to the store. A mattress is a great investment and takes care of your sleep routine and health in a great way.

DIscuss & Ask : Ask lot of questions and do not feel hesitant to ask a sleep expert at a store. Ask questions about your sleep needs and discuss your sleep habits. Ask about various sizes of mattress and discuss your existing mattress setup and what you are looking for in the new one. Having more conversation can help you have better insight and choose the right luxury mattress by Slumberzone in New Zealand.

Test ’em out:  We encourage everyone who is in the process of buying a mattress to test your favorite style and brand of mattress in a store. This is essential for new and old couples. It is really important for you to embark on the journey together and lay on a variety of mattress in your usual sleep position. This will make sure you’re both comfortable and happy with your purchase

Wait & Celebrate:    A new mattress will surely take time to adjust to your body and posture, so don’t be discouraged if your sleep doesn’t drastically improve after one night.

When it comes to a long lasting  marriage, there are a lot of things to celebrate. Make a great night’s sleep on a luxury mattress one of them.

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