Slumberzone Warranty

Warranty Info

Slumberzone New Zealand Ltd beds are designed and built to the highest standards. We offer a 5-10 years limited warranty on the mattresses & Accessories against faulty materials or a manufacturing defect from the date of purchase. During this period if Slumberzone New Zealand Ltd is satisfied that the materials or workmanship are faulty it will repair or replace the products at its discretion. Please note that a normal body needs 3 – 4 weeks to adjust to a new mattress, especially if a person is replacing a mattress after long use.


  1. Broken or loose support elements.
  2. Wires that are loose, broken, or protruding through the fabric.
  3. Body indentations of over 35mm.
  4. Loose grid top.
  5. Faulty bases/drawers.


Slumberzone Head Boards are protected with a limited warranty of 24 months on the frame and & 6 months on the Fabric.

Any manufacturing defect in the headboard frame. Any fault in the fabric. In case of any fault in stitching, please notify the retailer in the first two weeks of purchase as a stitching issue beyond 2 weeks would be considered as regular “wear & tear”


  1. Any fabric damage or stains at the time of purchase.
  2. Any other notified fault at the time of purchase
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