Why Choose Slumberzone’s Premium Beds

The idea of a better night’s rest may seem as simple as counting sheep. But for the team at Slumberzone New Zealand, it’s a life-long passion. Owned and operated by Kiwis for Kiwis, Slumberzone has been tweaking, tinkering and perfecting its craft, all in a quest to provide the best night’s sleep possible specially our Luxury Beds for New Zealanders from the Cape to the Bluff.  And we suspect a few have made it to Stewart Island!   On the sidelines at the kids’ footie, over the frozen food section at the supermarket and at high school reunions, the Slumberzone specialists have been putting our friends and family to sleep for years. We just can’t stop talking about the latest advancements in bed technology, from engineered natural latex, to the joint benefits of Gel Memory Foam, or the genius of the Techno 10x Pocket Spring System.


Because quite simply, and scientifically (we’ve done the research!), there’s nothing better than waking up fresh, charged and energized after a deep, restorative sleep. The right support for your body type while you sleep, helps kiwi families from grandad, to the wee nipper, to live healthier, more active lives.

Did you know?

The correct sleep support has been known to lower stress and can reduce pressure on the spine, dealing with back and neck pain, as well as stimulating better general health. A higher quality of sleep allows your body to go to work, replenishing and restoring your cells so that you wake up refreshed and recharged for the day ahead. That’s why Slumberzone innovations are focused on adopting and adapting the latest in sleep manufacturing technology, providing better comfort and wellbeing at a rest-easy price. And it’s why we go that little bit further to select and source the superior, high-quality materials that our customers snuggle up to every night.

Slumberzone Beds NZ With Techno 10 X PocketSpring System

Techno 10 X PocketSpring System

Orthocool Gel & Cooltech Memory Foam Mattress NZ

Orthocool Gel & Cooltech Memory Foam

Slumberzone Beds NZ With Tripedic Coil System

Tripedic Coil System

Slumberzone Breathsoft Foam Mattress

Breathsoft Foam

Slumberzone Beds With Intelliprings Coil System

Intelliprings Coil System

Slumberzone Foam Mattress With Purelax Natural Latex

Purelax Natural Latex

Slumberzone Luxury Beds With Total Edge Support System

Total Edge Support System

So, whether our end customer is the on-the-go business woman at the hotel check-in looking to be at the-top-of of her game for the morning meeting ahead, or whether it is the retired schoolteacher, dreaming of the perfect bowl that will put his local club out on top, our greatest testimonial will always be a gentle sigh, followed by deep, peaceful silence.   Feeling sleepy? Why not get in touch with one of our store experts and discover a Slumberzone fit that will put you right to bed.


“I thought that the bed I had was a good one. After trying many beds I settled on a Slumberzone bed. Wow, these beds are truly affordable and a taste of luxury. With the benefits of sleeping on a Slumberzone bed I feel better everyday and this allows me more energy to train and work harder. I have been astounded at what a difference a Slumberzone mattress made to my quality of life. Absolutely amazing sleep comfort and the correct support for where I need it most.”

Isaac from NZBody Mechanic

Musculoskeletal Specialist (Auckland)

“Oh bliss! We recently moved house and upgraded to a Backpro Queen. My wife and I both love firm beds and it’s actually hard to find a good quality firm mattress in New Zealand. For both of us, the Backpro is that bed.”

Mark Baker

Veritas Communications Limited