Buying a Mattress? Here’s 7 Technologies to Know

Memory foam, and Latex foam; pocket springs and bonnel springs. There’s so many technologies it’s hard to know which mattress works for you! Here are a couple quick points to note before you buy.


Pocket Springs
  • Springs wrapped in individual pockets of fabric
  • They move independently and limits partner disturbance – good for couples
  • The responsive comfort and support is good for those with arthritis
  • Pocket springs can have a zone system for more targeted support
Innerspring/Bonnel Spring
  • Interconnected springs
  • Traditional, durable support and comfort
  • Good value for money
  • CON as they are interconnected, they are very responsive – not ideal for couples


Memory foam technology
Memory Foam
  • Sumptuous, sinking feeling
  • Moulds and contours to your body
  • Relieves pressure points (hips, and shoulders)
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Bouncy

Gel Foam
  • Cooling and cushioning
  • Usually combined with memory foam
  • Breathable, open-cell structure
  • Good for those who sleep hot
  • Temperature-regulating
  • Relieves pressure points

Latex Foam
  • Buoyant feeling
  • Distributes body weight evenly
  • Keeps spine alignment
  • Pressure relieving
  • Hypoallergenic – good for allergies and sensitive skin
  • Breathable


Every technology and material has it’s pros and cons. The all depend on an individuals preference, and everybody has their own preference for what they like or don’t like in a mattress. We recommend trying mattresses out in store before you buy them so you can experiment with all the different feels and technologies to see what’s right for you. Also feel free to talk to the friendly staff about your sleeping habits and what you’re looking for. They’ll be able to direct you to the right mattress.

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