Bed Shopping

Shopping guide to choose the best mattresses, pillows and bed accessories.

Best Sleep Hampers to Gift on Christmas

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Benefits Of A Mattress Topper

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Choosing the right mattress for couples.

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When to replace your bedroom items?

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Looking for the best mattress for your age?

A significant  amount of  health problems can be linked back to lack of sleep, as… Read More

When do you need to replace your mattress?

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Choosing the Right Mattress Size and Dimension

It is really important research as much as you can about mattress sizes and their… Read More

Finding The best Mattress For Your Needs

Sleep is essential, it allows your body to rest and recover. Getting good quality sleep… Read More

Hibernating for winter? Try out Slumberzone’s Hibrido Luxury Beds

While New Zealand’s sun is still providing us with vibrant blue skies and clear sunlight,… Read More

Top 5 ways to know if you need a new mattress

The quality of our bed and mattress can affect our health and happiness in a… Read More

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