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    Best Ways to Detox Your Bedroom and Sleep Healthy

    Detoxing your bedroom is a process where you remove the things in your bedroom that are preventing the healthy night’s sleep you need and deserve.  A healthy night’s sleep routine will enhance your daily performance, boost your mental acuity, improve your immunity and maintain your overall happiness and well-being. Here…

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    Mattress Protectors and Mattress Toppers- Know the difference.

    A mattress is one of the most important factors that help in determining the quality of your sleep. However, in this day and age of technological advancement, several accessories are also available, which when paired with your mattress add to the comfort and luxury of a bed. [caption id="attachment_7147" align="aligncenter"…

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    Hibernating for winter? Try out Slumberzone’s Hibrido Luxury Beds

    While New Zealand’s sun is still providing us with vibrant blue skies and clear sunlight, the nights are starting to wane a little colder. Waving a reluctant farewell to the close of summer, Kiwis from the Cape to the Bluff are beginning to unearth their warmer sleepwear and their favourite…

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    Life Can Be Hard, But Finding The Best Memory Foam Mattress Doesn’t Have To Be.

    Are you waking up tired, even a little stiff after a night in your own bed?  Are your and your partner constantly waking each other up tossing and turning? Maybe that hand-me-down mattress that you got to save money just isn’t cutting it anymore.  Or it could just be time…

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What is a king size mattress ? What are the different sizes of king size beds available ? What would suit you ?

While the world has different configurations of King Size mattress - Australia and New Zealand typically have King Single, King Size and Super King Size.… Read More

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Which mattress should I buy?

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Can the quality of your sleep influence the severity and frequency of your migraines?

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How Yoga can improve Sleep Quality ?

5 YOGA POSES FOR BETTER SLEEP With crazy busy and stressful work hours, more and more people are finding themselves deprived of good sleep. Both… Read More




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