4 Unique Sleep Apps to Step Up Your Sleep Game

Dodging your sleep to watch just one more episode on Netflix. Or struggling through bleary eyes to finish that last, difficult level of your game?

Though technology may be seen as a cause of sleep disruption (donā€™t get us wrong, it definitely can be), technology may also hold the key for a healthier sleep.

If you have a strong determination to improve your sleep quality and patterns, Doctor Slumber from Slumberzone has handpicked some essential mobile apps that have you covered. Go ahead and download a few of these from the Google play store or iOS app store and get straight to snoozing.


Starting off strong is an app rated number 6 on the App Store Health and Fitness chart and has over a million downloads. Shut Eye allows you to gain more insight into your sleep with a wide variety of tools. It has:

  • a sleep tracker to understand your sleep cycles
  • a snore detector that informs you on how much you snore (though we think your partner may already know that šŸ˜‰)
  • a smart alarm to wake you up as gently as possible
  • and a HUGE selection of sleep sounds to fall asleep to

Never able to find the right soothing sound for sleep? Shut Eye is also unique in the fact that you can make your own personal mix of sounds to get that perfect combination.

Available on: Google Playstore & iOS App Store


Snoring may not bother you at all, but you canā€™t say the same for the people around you! There are a few things you can do to address this problem. The very first step is to realize you have a problem. The next step is to try the app Snore Lab.

Snore lab helps you measure, record, and reduce your snoring. It features advanced snore detection technology and measures the intensity of your snoring, It also allows you to compare snoring across nights and provides you with remedy options and factors that may be influencing your snoring.

Available on : Google Playstore & iOS App Store


Similar to Shut Eye, Sleep Cycle is a big-time favorite sleep-tracking app with over 10 million downloads. It has its own patented AI for sleep tracking that gives you a sleep quality rating from 1-100. It can also give you a gentle nudge in the morning when you’re in a period of light sleep and provides an array of soothing white noise sounds to fall asleep to.

BONUSES: You can use Sleep Cycle through your watch to get gentle vibrations in the morning without waking anyone else up. You can also start your day with a fun little sleep game that tests your alertness in the morning to help improve your focus.

Available on : Google Playstore & iOS App Store


Have you ever dreamed of being lulled to sleep by the buttery smooth voices of Harry Styles, or Mathew McConaughey? Well, dream no longer because the Calm app has you covered. On top of celebrities reading you to sleep, the calm app offers guided meditation, soundscapes, breathwork, and stretching exercises. Introducing mindfulness and prioritizing self-care to ease into sleep.

It also has an emotion and mental health tracker, as well as 7, and 21-day mindfulness programs for beginners and advanced users alike.

Available on : Google Playstore & iOS App Store

In conclusion, there are a whole bunch of sleep apps available out there. If you find one isn’t quite what you’re looking for, give some of the others a go.

Please do not take this blog as medical advice. If you are finding that none of these apps work and your lack of sleep is severely impacting your quality of life, discuss this with your GP.

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