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Silk is praised for its classic and timeless appeal, comfort and beautiful luster. It comes as no surprise that this natural material sparks high demand in the fashion segment worldwide. The preciousness of silk has created a certain exclusiveness about silk fabrics and garments, conveying a luxurious impression. No wonder it is one of the most exclusive and expensive fibers available.

RealSilk® transfers the desired characteristics and the luxurious feel of silk to other fabric types like polyamide, polyester, cotton or its blends. Traditionally, silk was restrained in design flexibility and lead to high costs due to its preciousness. With Real Silk, this is a concern of the past.

How does Real Silk work?

We identified a Real Silk treatment, which applies formulated short silk fibers onto the surface of any kind of fabric. These short silk fibers are applied through standard textile finishing processes. By applying silk particles to the surface of our textiles, the haptic properties of silk are reproduced, giving our textiles the feel of luxurious silk! 

The application of these Real Silk fibers is also done in a very cost-effective manner. Now, new options can be explored, wrapping people in Real Silk and bringing a touch of luxury to everyone. Enjoy a sensational sleep!

Real Silk is a tested technology

Real Silk was verified through an intensive testing procedure. A hundred percent cotton woven fabric was treated with short silk fibers, and tested against an untreated fabric. Checking both fabrics with a Real Silk Identifier, shows a clear difference between the two, as such showing the difference Real Silk can make. If you don’t believe us already, watch the video below!

Our Back Supporter, Body Supporter, and Spine Supporter mattresses are crafted with luxurious RealSilk® Fabric.

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