9 Ways to make your King Size bed cozier

When spending a good part of your life on your bed, it is important that we make a bed cozy and comfortable space. Whether you have a single, queen or king size bed, how you make your bed and bedroom plays a vital role in your sleep quality.

A well made single bed may very often be more cozy and comfortable than a spacious king size bed if not done up correctly. Here are a few tips and tricks to cozying up your bed.

1. Place a rug under your bed:

This is one of the most tried and tested as well as common décor practices all around the world. Stepping onto a soft rug first thing in the morning is a great feeling and also a great addition to your bedroom. If you don’t want a rug under your bed, you can also just add a fluffy side rug.

2. Get a real down comforter:

A comforter makes more difference than you think it does. Lying under a warm weightless quilt at night is one of the best feelings and also ensures that you get a good night’s sleep.

3. Make your bed every day:

You might be running late to work or just having a lazy day, but it just takes a few minutes to make that bed. A well-made bed is very inviting at the end of the day.

4. Learn how to tuck in your covers neatly:

Since you’re already making that bed, spare a few extra minutes and make the effort to tuck in your covers neatly from all corners. The wonder that a nicely made bed can do will surprise you each time.

5. Say yes to Extra pillows:

Many people don’t like the idea of having a lot of pillows and cushions on their bed, because they don’t like having to put them all away after a long day of work when they want to go straight to bed. Having just one pillow on each side is very boring and to be honest not the coziest, so the more the merrier. Adding extra pillows and cushions your bed the bed not just look warm and cozy but actually be warm and cozy. You can actually feel the difference. Put pillows on each side of your duvet and it will immediately get warm. You can also stack them up or put one between your legs when sleeping. You can even build a fort for your kids with all those extra pillows.

6. Add string lights:

Adding a few strings of lights behind a sheet or thin curtains can add to the warmth of your bed. You can use these in several ways.

7. Invest in a bedside lamp:

A bedside lamp will not only add to the character of your bedroom but it will also come in handy. You can switch it on and don’t have to worry about leaving your cozy and comfy bed as you can easily reach out for the bedside lamp from your bed. Bedside lamps also provide ample light for you to read your book or do some work without disturbing your partner.

8. Add some fluff:

Adding soft textures and patterns to your bed will make you feel like there is a pet on the bed. You can add some fluffy pillows and throws. When you just want to take a short nap you can just pull out the throw without having to worry about making the whole bed when you get up.

9. Add a canopy:

A canopy is a great way to make your bed look more interesting and different. It also offers more privacy. You can either buy a canopy bed or if you are someone who likes to DIY a lot of stuff, just add a few curtain roads on the ceiling around your bed and voila, you have a more private and beautiful bed to yourself.

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